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Purchasing a smurf account is as easy as counting 1,2 & 3 thanks to our Quick Checkout System


head over our calculator page where you will be able to select the specifics of your account, including region, number of blue essences and type of warranty


press “checkout” to proceed to the payment section where you will be required to type the email at which we’ll be sending the account credentials. You can then select one of our payment methods to purchase with.


once the payments is completed you will be redirected back to our website where you will be able to see, copy and save all the details of your newly aquired account. We will also send a full copy of the details to the email address entered in the previous step as well, to make sure you have all of your order details at hand
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24/7 Customer Service

We provide an unmatched customer service experience, with our agents being only 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. We have agents from different parts of the world, so be it day or night for you, we’ll be here in chat or on discord answering your questions.

Customer Oriented

Customer centric approach: we are not a business centric venture, we like to threat customers fairly and equally trying to get the best outcome for both parties without incurring in any kind of dissatisfaction. Something you don’t like? We fix it. No questions asked.

Greatest Deals

Here at CheapSmurf you can find literally the cheapest smurf accounts on the market compared to the quality we offer. Yes, you might find a website that sells for cheaper and get yourself banned within 4 days. This doesn’t happen here. We have the perfect midway term between quantity and quality.

Included Warranty

Our tailored warranty makes sure every customer has a grace period on his account after the purchase, where he gets coverage from any kind of problem related to his account that might be caused by our service. And on top of that we also offer our premium lifetime warranty where you will get account replacements forever.

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