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Whats included:

level 30+ account

instant delivery

full email access

honor level 2

24/7 assistance

30 days warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe to buy accounts here? Are you guys trustable?

We take our mission very seriously and our customer’s satisfaction is our main concern. Not only we have been in the industry for more than 5 years, but also we perfected the crafting of our accounts to make them as secure as possible. We have customer still rocking with their account since 2017 thanks to the fact that we prioritize quality over quantity and due to this our account production is slower compared to our competitors but safer under every point of view. Not only you can check our reviews but you can also speak with our agents in live chat or visit out Discord Server to make sure you are in the right hands.

2. How much time it will take to receive my account?

The account delivery is instant and by instant we mean immediate. As you can see from our video in the home page and our buying process section, you will get to receive the details of the account right after the purchase, both in the website AND via e-mail (the one you provided while checking out). There is no delay, no purchase verification or manual interaction with the Customer Service Agents. Everything is automated and synced to provide the speediest delivery possible. After your payment you will be ready to play ranked games in about 3-5 minutes. Way better than levelling an account for 20-25 days on your own.

3. Will i be the owner of the account? Can i change email and password?

Absolutely yes. When we generate and level up our accounts, we create them with UNVERIFIED e-mail addresses. This way once you receive your account you can head over the League of Legends website, login using the credentials provided by us and update your email address and password. That way the account will be forever yours and linked exclusively to your own email address. You get to have Complete Access

4. My account has been banned? What do i do now?

No need to worry, we offer a 30 days warranty included on all purchases. In the extremely rare event where your account gets suspended, you will receive a replacement account of the same tier (or higher) directly to the email address you used for your previous purchase FOR FREE. This warranty covers all the instances where the purchased account gets banned due to reasons related to our services. We are not responsible if the account gets banned for example due to toxicity, or leaving games or anything that can be caused by/addressed to the customer itself during his gameplay. We also offer a (paid) lifetime warranty where your accounts will get replaced forever as long as the suspension reason is tied to our services. Note: You CANNOT benefit from the warranty if you change the username used to login, however changing the in-game name is totally fine. To received a replacement for your banned account, please join our Discord Server and open a ticket with the Support Bot. We will need your order number, the login name and the original password of the account you purchased.

5. Can i contact you before / after my purchase?

Yes, we have different methods of comunication you can use to reach onto us. First, click on our Contact Us page. There you will find our email address, Discord Link and Contact form. You will also be able to Live Chat with our agents here in the site to have a more direct way of asking your questions. Regardless of the hour or problem, we usually answer between 2 minutes and 1 hour.

6. Why should i buy from your website?

For a multitude of reasons. First of all leveling an account takes on average 15 to 30 days (depending on your availability). This means that considering our base account offer at $9.99 (which is what you would obtain after that period of time), your time is valued between $0.66c and $0.33c per day. Roughly $0.10c per hour. Not worth investing that much time for something you can obtain instantly by paying a fee. Secondly, on average, our accounts have an higher MMR compared to accounts leveled by normal people. This means a more fair matchmaking and higher placements rank after the 10 placements games (this is influenced also by the result of your games).

7. The account is not as described / i have another issue with the account. What can i do?

Please, for any issue do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service using the channel your prefer (Email, Discord, Live Chat or webform). We’ll be handling all the queries in the shortest amount of time possible and correct any wrongdoing / error that might have happened on our end.

8. What are you selling here?

We provide fresh, level 30 (or more) League of Legends accounts with UNVERIFIED Email addresses (so you can verify it yourself) ready to play ranked games. All accounts include 50.000 Blue Essences or more (depending on the type of account your selected before the checkout).

What customers say about us

We do our best to provide you the best experience ever



24/7 Customer Service

We provide an unmatched customer service experience, with our agents being only 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. We have agents from different parts of the world, so be it day or night for you, we’ll be here in chat or on discord answering your questions.


Customer Oriented

Customer centric approach: we are not a business centric venture, we like to threat customers fairly and equally trying to get the best outcome for both parties without incurring in any kind of dissatisfaction. Something you don’t like? We fix it. No questions asked.


Greatest Deals

Here at CheapSmurf you can find literally the cheapest smurf accounts on the market compared to the quality we offer. Yes, you might find a website that sells for cheaper and get yourself banned within 4 days. This doesn’t happen here. We have the perfect midway term between quantity and quality.


Included Warranty

Our tailored warranty makes sure every customer has a grace period on his account after the purchase, where he gets coverage from any kind of problem related to his account that might be caused by our service. And on top of that we also offer our premium lifetime warranty where you will get account replacements forever.

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